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Do you think you have a rodent infestation – specifically roof rats?  Don’t wait until the problem spirals out of control. We offer fast and efficient rodent control and removal for homes and businesses.

Setting traps on your own may help a rodent issue, but they breed quickly and may cause considerable damage if not handled promptly. The professionals at Heritage are experienced in finding and removing rodents from any location in your home or on your property in the greater Orlando area (Deland, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Sanford, Winter Garden, Deltona, Port Orange, Winter Spring, Palm Coast, Apopka, etc.).

Rodent Service – Roof Rat Removal

Food and shelter are the primary reasons for rats (and mice) to enter a home. Three types of common rodents are the Roof Rat, Norway Rat, and House Mouse. Both the Norway Rat and House Mouse are not very common in the greater Orlando area, but Roof Rat infestations have exploded in recent years.

*Roof Rats*

Roof rats, or black rats, are excellent climbers. They like to nest in attics, inside walls or in trees. Their preferred method of entry is by tree or power line. They eat fruit, human food or pet food. The fur color is usually brown and black mix, smooth, and soft. Their tails, typically scaly in appearance, is longer than the head and body combined.

*Norway Rats*

Norway rats or brown rats, are commonly found in sewers in NYC, but are seldom found in Orlando. Their ability to swim under water for 30 seconds enables them to enter homes through toilet pipes. They like to eat meat and fish, but they will also eat human or pet food. They are usually a grayish-brown mix, but are hard to identify by color alone. Their tails are shorter than their bodies.

*House Mouse*

The house mouse is secretive and therefore comes out at night.  The house mouse is rarely found in the greater Orlando FL area. They can climb any rough vertical surface and can jump 12 inches vertically. The preferred food indoors is dry pet food or grain products. They are light brown to gray in color, and their tail is as long as the head and body combined.

When you choose Heritage Pest & Lawn for Deland / Orlando area roof rat / rodent control and removal, you’ll have peace of mind and sleep better at night knowing our trained exterminators will get the job done right. As soon as you think you have a rodent issue, call us at (386) 873-7337 to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate online.

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