Tick Control

Tick Control Services in Deland Area

Ticks seek safety in hidden locations within homes. Repairing any crevices or gaps and keeping grass cut short outside may discourage tick infestations. The disposal of all empty bird and rodent nesting materials is also necessary for tick control, as ticks will readily infest these items. Treatment for ticks is not the same as for fleas.

Call the Tick Control Experts in Deland

If you suspect a tick infestation, call your local Deland area pest management professional.

Ticks found on pets or people require cautious and thorough removal. Ticks should be grasped behind the head by tweezers and pulled slowly away from the host’s skin. Crushing the tick may lead to the release of further dangerous fluids.

It is important that the mouth parts be completely removed from the wound, as well. Infected areas should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. If there are medical concerns resulting from a tick or flea bite, seek medical attention immediately.


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